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Hooo, boy, just reading about somatic reactions to money gives me a somatic reaction to money. I’ve long known just how messed up my relationship to it is - including, my fellow raised-by-Mormon writer, that little three -chambered bank with “for the Lord” “For my Mission” and “For Myself.” Talk about instilling a scarcity mindset...

Ironically, I now work in nonprofit fundraising- which they say is all about relationships and stories but is really just about money. I’m dealing with the fear - mental and somatic - of feeding my soul, which longs for creative independence and commerce, not capitalism, but abandoning the comfortable small-but-regular paycheck that has finally taken me up to being able to pay bills regularly.

I like the “I’m figuring this out” mantra. And kudos for having the difficult conversations.

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Really appreciate this comment, Gray. The fear is real, and our tricky nervous systems require some fine-tuning to manage. But I'm starting to realize, like anything, it's all about practice and showing up again and again even if the doubts creep in. With the Mormon reference, now I'm intrigued and plan to read more at your site! ;-)

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